DORMOSEDAN is an a2 adrenoceptor agonist that provides non-narcotic sedation and analgesia that can be used safely in horses for a variety of minor surgical and diagnostic procedures. The greater a2 selectivity of DORMOSEDAN allows it to bind specifically to a2 adrenoceptors to produce predictable and effective sedation and analgesia.



Predictable Sedation
a2 selectivity makes DORMOSEDAN predictable and effective
Only a2 -agonist which has significant analgesia extending more than 15 minutes post administration1, 2, 3
DORMOSEDAN provides non-narcotic sedation with a wide margin of safety

Dosing & Administration

Greater a2 selectivity and dosing flexibility
DORMOSEDAN allows dosing flexibility so you can accurately regulate the depth and length of sedation and analgesia
Simple dosing: 1 or 2 mL per 1,100 lbs horse IM or IV
Whether administered IV or IM, DORMOSEDAN produces rapid onset of effect (5 minutes for IV,10 to15 minutes for IM)
Xylazine can bind with a1 and non-a2 receptor sites, producing variable neurological effects4
DORMOSEDAN’s potency is 80 to 100 times greater than xylazine in sedation and analgesic effect5
Effects may be maintained up to 2 hours depending on dose level and route of administration, with analgesia being more pronounced following IV injection
Additional dosing prolongs not depends sedation
Zoetis does not recommend the use at higher than the approved label dosed
5- and 20-mL multidose vials


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