Who We Are

The goal of every loving pet parent is for his or her furry companion to live a long, happy and healthy life. Drushba Veterinary Clinic began as a concierge practice, delivering exceptional pet health care services in the comfort and security of our clients’ homes. Over time, we have grown and evolved to also include in-clinic care within our state of the art veterinary hospital, located at 25 Emyford Bakery Lane, South Ofankor in Accra, Ghana.

Drushba represents three companies;
1. Sole distributors for Zoetis Animal Health, USA. Distributors of simparica, vanguard.
2. Specialty Foods Incorporated, USA). Foods: Valu-pak26/18, Valu-pak 28/20 (valu-pak free), Caliber Ultra, Caliber Puppy with 30% protein.
3. NatureVet Incorporated – producers of Brewers Yeast.
4. Dr. Dee Products – shampoo and V-Kill.
5. PureLuxe

We also have:

  • Drushba Farms where we raise healthy chicken, turkeys, guinea fowl, pigs, sheep and goats.
  • Agro chemical shop at Adenta and Ofankor.